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Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division

The Gender and Diversity in Organizations Division (GDO) is a professional division of The Academy of Management (AOM) whose primary purpose is the development and improvement of member's capabilities for research and teaching on the subjects of gender and diversity in organizations and to promote understanding of the significance of these topics to the study and practice of management. The division provides an outlet for scholarly work on gender and diversity in organizations.

The division's primary objective is to stimulate research, learning, teaching and improved practice in applied settings.  The division meets at the annual AOM meeting to present a program that includes competitive paper sessions, forums, open discussions, workshops, panels, lectures, business meetings and social gatherings.  The division’s secondary objectives include: 

  • To encourage wider acquaintance, closer cooperation and the pooling of knowledge among the disciplines interested in the study of Gender and Diversity in Organizations
  • To work for acceptance of “Gender and Diversity in Organizations” as a distinct field of study, with practical implications relevant to all fields of management research and practice.
  • To develop standards of scholarly and intellectual integrity.
  • To provide opportunities for its members to build professional networks.

The domain of research for GDO includes:  Content relating to gender and diversity within and outside organizational boundaries including cultural, societal, and worldwide levels, and to the influence of group relations on the structuring of societies and the production of knowledge. Major topics include theory and research on: Gender and its intersections with race, class, and other institutionalized systems of power; the impact of group diversity on well-being and effectiveness at individual, group, and organizational levels of analysis;the impact of occupational and organizational structures on marginalized and dominant groups; experiences of members of different social groups, including (but not limited to) groups differentiated by gender, race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, nationality, religion,culture, (dis)ability, and age; the impact of organizational policies,practices, and discourses on dominant and marginalized groups, including critical examination of seemingly neutral assumptions underlying such policies,practices, and discourses, and their differential impact on these groups; the intersection of work, family, and community in relation to one's social position; institutional and structural barriers to equality and equity across social groups; processes of change that create and foster inclusion, whetherfrom external interventions or from individuals within groups or organizations;the impact of cultural, societal, and national diversity on workers and the workplace; diversity in academia, in general, and in the field of organization studies in particular; cross-national comparative approaches to all of the above. 

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